There is no voice like yours.

A free voice is a beautiful voice. Always.

My job as a voice teacher is not to shape or mold your voice into something pleasing. Your voice is inherently beautiful already. There may just be a few things getting in its way. My job is to help you peel away the layers of tension that inhibit the inherent beauty of your free voice.

I help beginning singers unveil their own unique, free and beautiful voices. I help intermediate singers strengthen their technique and artistry. I also work with intermediate and experienced singers who have run into vocal trouble and need to retool their technique to find more freedom, ease, and health in their vocal production. So if it hurts, or if you're getting hoarse, we need to talk.

I have worked with singers aged 15 to 80, sopranos to basses, at many levels of experience, and in many different genres (classical, singer-songwriter, musicals, jazz, world, rock, among others). I am a classically-trained singer and a certified Transformational Voice voice teacher. My background is in both theater and in music. Read more about me here.

It is a privilege and an honor to witness vocal discovery in my students.


"I always thought I couldn't sing--so working with Nevada has given me what I never expected: the confidence, as well as the ability, to join a chorus, sing duets, and even solo. He is a supportive and knowledgeable teacher, and fun to work with.”
— Lois L.

“It has been such a fun and fascinating journey exploring my voice with Nevada as my guide. I began taking lessons with no idea what I was capable of, but with Nevada's encouragement and insightful coaching, I quickly developed a comfortable and joyful connection with my voice.
Nevada is an adept instructor who can readily translate his vast expertise into immediately useful guidance, with a gentle, relaxed and supportive style. He immediately put me at ease and helped me drop any self-consciousness and tension that would have otherwise limited my capacity to delve into the work of discovering and developing my voice.”

— Cyndy K.

"Nevada will help you discover your authentic voice. He is talented and perceptive about helping you to progress in your singing ability and identify areas where you can improve. His teaching style is warm, friendly and supportive, and personally, I look forward with anticipation to my next class with Nevada."
— Eric L.

I took private vocal lessons from Nevada after a series of group voice lessons. In private lessons, Nevada is able to hone in on my personal challenges like diction or the breath and help me produce a tension-free sound. His teaching style is adaptable: If I didn't understand the concept one way, he could quickly teach the concept another way and I'd understand. Since he is a trained actor, he shared techniques of learning lyrics, which I found invaluable. He teaches music theory, and as a pianist, I appreciate learning theory to incorporate into my other musical interests. Nevada is a very supportive person. He listens and feels with compassion.
— Lori M.