What to expect in your lessons

My goal is always to create a positive, encouraging, and safe space to explore your voice and your creativity with ease and freedom. Playing with your voice is essential to learning your voice. During your lesson, I will engage you in vocal and body warm-ups, vocal exercises to work through your unique challenges, and specially-tailored approaches to working on your chosen music. I strive to challenge you, and invite you to the outer boundaries of your abilities. Growth comes only when you press on those edges. I like to conclude each lesson with a recap and ideas for productive practice for the week ahead. Please contact me with any questions you may have about working with me, or to discuss scheduling and rates.

For Beginners

When you listen to your favorite singers, you notice that each one is quite different from the next. There is no artistry in molding your voice to sound like someone else (unless you want to be on SNL. -- By the way, I would love to sound like Roy Orbison. But instead, I sound like me.) Is there a singer you wish you sounded like? Maybe you've sung to the radio in your car and struggled to hit all the notes in your latest favorite song, and then told yourself "well, I'm just not cut out for singing." Or maybe you stood in the back row of your choir and lip-synched. Perhaps someone told you a long time ago that singing just isn't for you. Maybe somewhere along the line, you got the idea that you're "tone deaf." (By the way, I have heard and believed many of these things about myself.)

Well, I haven't even met you yet and I know that if you have the passion for it, you're definitely cut out for singing. You have a different voice from whatever singers you most admire. And that's a very, very good thing.

For More Experienced Singers

What do you want to accomplish with your voice? Whatever it may be, I can help you fine-tune your vocal technique to enable the greatest possible range of expression in your music. I can give you tools to discover the emotional core of your performances and feel more comfortable in front of an audience. Whether you have had voice training before or just learned by singing on your own over the years, with a free voice you can be a dynamic and expressive performer and a powerful creative force who leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

If you are experiencing strain or hoarseness when you perform, I can help you find ease and endurance in your singing or speaking. Your work with me will always strive toward aligning you with the body awareness and physics of healthy vocalization. If you're doing it right, it should not be painful. And it will always be beautiful.